Saturday, July 23, 2011

Has your account been suspended? Contribute to the data!

Skud (a former Googler whose G+ was suspended under the "real names" policy) is assembling a database of suspended accounts here.  Please add your account so we can track what kinds of suspensions are going on.

Also, if you want to send me email, and tell me why you wanted to split off a pseudonym, I'll try to set up a blog entry that lists reasons people want pseudonymity, so that people can create labels for deleted friends to dance with, for "teachable moments."  It's nice to be able to dance with your teachable moments.  I've had a few tread on my toes, admittedly.

Where I can't guarantee perfect anonymity of your answer, I won't link it to your name in any public forum or anything.  I'm a minister's kid, I can keep secrets.  If you don't feel comfy, don't send it to me, and I'll understand.

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  1. Here's my reasons:

    (it also has a list of some other scientists that have been kicked off)