Saturday, July 23, 2011

Want to help plan and post?

I've set up, for folks who want to join in planning Friday dance "positive protests" at Google offices to try to convince Google to allow pseudonymity.  Let's bring our deleted friends and pretend Google is the small country their budget indicates, and say something about shaping online/offline culture! :)  If you'd like to post, contact me and I'll add you.  If you want to post under a pseudonym, that's fine, or if you know someone who'd like to who's not on plus, have them email me (or contact me in SL shava suntzu or...)

If Google plans to be a dominant player in shaping online culture and profiting from our information, then they need to be responsive to our ideas about articulating how we'd like our culture shaped.  I can't imagine any reason why, for example, a simple toggle to see only "real name" IDs or see all IDs wouldn't suffice.  Doesn't it work for gmail?

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